“Diplomacy Is the Best Way to Solve Conflicts,” Says Special Representative Massieu

Politically Speaking
1 min readApr 19, 2023

As the UN marks 75 years of its special political missions, Politically Speaking talks with the Secretary-General’s Representatives and Envoys about their current work and how they view the future of diplomacy for peace.

A head of his latest briefing to the Security Council, Special Representative Carlos Ruiz Massieu updated Politically Speaking on the Colombian peace process and shared his thoughts on the fundamental role multilateral diplomacy continues to play.

What was your main message to the Security Council on the current situation in Colombia?

Speaking of his message to the Security Council on 13 April, Special Representative Massieu stressed that the 15-member organ’s continued support of the peace process was crucial, and that “unanimous support has been a strong element of our standing in the country.”

In the current global context, is there still a role for multilateral diplomacy?

He said that Colombia has shown that dialogue is the most effective way to “reach an agreement, to solve conflict” and to sort through all the obstacles in the way of full implementation of a peace agreement.

Watch the Security Council briefing here and read Special Representative Massieu’s full remarks here.




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